Who we are


Rebecca Moon is a Colorado Springs native who began making clothing and learning sewing techniques from her mother and grandmother at the age of 12. She went on to study under Clara Dittli and intern with Elizabeth Kay, as well as earn a BSBA in International Business.

The original line is inspired by the 5 elements and minimalist Scandinavian tradition, using only durable natural fibers. Custom work includes bridal, formal alterations, theatrical costumes, and lingerie.

Everything from Rebecca Moon Designs is designed, tested, and  handmade under one roof. Materials are carefully chosen to reflect our belief that fashion should have a positive impact on international trade, the earth, and local community.

Made to be beautiful, made to last.


where to find us:

Rudder & Fern

Apollo & Daphne

Eclectic Co.

made in colorado



Slow Fashion


It's about designing and creating garments for quality and longevity. We care about the entire process of making clothes--from ethically sourced materials, to reducing waste, to creating something that will add beauty to our customer's lives.

Why? Because the average t-shirt pollutes 400 gallons of water in its production, is made by someone who isn't paid a living wage, and will be thrown away less that a year after purchase. The production of one clothing item affects society in at least 2 nations, global water supplies, and local economies.

Slow Fashion Blog